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Startin’ School

I can’t believe I’m back already…. I need to keep my faith in God this semester!!! 

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"Weeping and gnashing of teeth"

If you’ve ever read the Bible, you’ve probably came across this phrase a few times. It’s pretty scary. The way I see it, is that you are helpless and can’t do anything about your situation. It reminds me of a dog stuck in a cage that is barking and biting at the air. It must feel so helpless and afraid.
I’m fearful that I’ll be that dog one day. This past year in college, I’ve seen numerous people around me, people who I thought were good Christians, drop out of faith. And I’ve seen myself decline as well. I’m really fearful for myself… But I supposed there is still some solace in that fact. The fact that I am still fearful. If I’m fearful than that means I still have belief in God and his punishments. Fear brings on reverence and respect. If there was ever a day I ceased to be fearful of God, that is the day I would know that I have fallen out of faith, as have many before me.

TA hours…

I hate TA hours… TA’s are students just like us, therefore they have their own classes and schoolwork to attend to. This means they have like two hours of office hours a week. This isn’t too much of a problem, unless the TA has mandatory office hours… And that ONE annoying kid hogs 30mins of it (when my TA only has an hour available today) when there are three other students waiting to see him… I hate kids like this -.-

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In the dry lakebed of Racetrack, Death Valley stones as big as 700 pounds mysteriously slide across the surface of the earth without any notable external forces acting upon them. While some researchers believe a combination of natural events, such as wind and ice, cause these stones to “sail”, others question this theory pointing out that the stones don’t follow a predictable path and change directions abruptly.

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